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BRAND: Wave Skater® Pro



SLOGAN: Bodyboarding fully evolved!

PRODUCTS: High-quality bodyboards

@TheSurfingExpert’s PICK: All of Wave Skater® bodyboards are made using an innovative ultra durable foam, making the boards pretty much indestructible and extremely versatile. I recommend the Wave Skater Ghost Shark 48” as it can be ridden not only as a boogie board, but also standing up like a surfboard!


Wave Skater Bodyboard (CU)

Thanks to its excellent design, the Wave Skater Bodyboard will allow anyone to maneuver on the ocean like a shark! Even big guys will have no trouble feeling the thrill of bodyboarding with this surf gear. For those who prefer a stand-up style, the Wave Skater can withstand loads of up to 225 lbs. But if you’re a prone rider, this board will still be able to provide satisfactory performance with loads of 200 lbs. to 300 lbs.

And don’t let us start talking about its construction. Wave Skater Bodyboard uses proprietary foam with super-tough closed-cell compression. Forget about the idea of ​​using fins because this board has a hull with a dual tapered pontoon. This patented design provides excellent control and stability without the need for extra attachments. Meanwhile, on the surface, you’ll find a design that’s no less innovative. It’s crafted to mimic the texture of shark skin, in order to give you added durability on the water.

This surfing gear is the best bodyboard for big guys that use stringers from dual-molded fiberglass – a material that has long been used in the industry to offer increased strength and durability to the board. Meanwhile, the tail uses a slightly modified bat-tail design. This makes it wider than most of the tail, but it can still hold when doing turns on steep waves. Other features include hand grips, handrails, and carved out stomach cavities.

What We Love

A bodyboard with high versatility


  • Modified bat-tail
  • Fully-textured surface
  • Perfect for prone-ride style
  • Construction with super-tough foam


The 5 Best Bodyboards for Big Guys
By Ryan Miller

The best bodyboard for big guys is designed exclusively for big, tall, or heavy riders. If you’re a big guy, you need a board this is wide and tall enough, while also being highly durable to achieve peak performance.

While bodyboards were once limited to average 42 inch long boards, today’s bodyboards range in size, shape, and overall appearance.
Size is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a bodyboard. When the board is held out in front of you, the bodyboard should reach from your knees to your chin.

Heavier riders require extra width for better buoyancy in the water. You’ll also want to choose a board according to your abilities. If you’re a new rider, get a beginner’s board. With the right bodyboard, even big guys can ride the waves like their smaller surfer counterparts. As bodyboards range in size, style, and price, we’ve made the decision-making process a little easier on you. Here’s a look at some top-rated options for the best bodyboard for big guys.

What To Look For In The Best Bodyboard for Big Guys:

Core Material: There are two main types of core material: Dow polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP). Dow is a great option as it offers excellent flex and all-around great performance.

Stringer: The stringer of a bodyboard is the composite material tube that runs down the center of the board. This “spine” adds strength to the core and increases projection.

Tail: There are four main types of tails, each based on the ‘bat’ and ‘crescent’ shape. As a general rule of thumb, the wider the tail the faster and more stable the bodyboard is.

Board Width: For bigger guys, you’ll want to ensure that the width of your board is adequate for your body. The wider a board is, the greater buoyancy it has. However, wider boards are typically more difficult to turn than narrower boards.

Most bodyboards have weight capacities. For guys who need a bigger board, the Wave Skater Pro Bodyboard is an excellent option. The 48 ¾” Ghost Shark board is a suitable options for riders between 200 and 300 lbs. Ensure long-term durability thanks to the closed-cell, compression molded, ultra-durable foam core.

What makes this bodyboard unique is its fully textured “Shark Skin” surface, which provides the user with durability while in the water. The board also features fiberglass composite dual molded stringers which give the board strength and additional flex. You’ll also find other perks a scooped out stomach cavity, like hand grips, hand rails, and a dual tapered pontoon hull.

It comes in the following colors: solid lime, solid, blue, solid orange, blue/lime, yellow/orange, blue/red, and for 2017, aqua/blue, aqua/yellow, and yellow/red.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Great quality
  • The most durable bodyboard on the market
  • Well worth the price
  • Still looks brand new after years of use
  • Perfect for bigger guys
  • High-performance board

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