Our bodyboarding company started back in early 2006, from an idea for a better, high performance, high-quality, super-rider-friendly bodyboard that people both young and old could enjoy, whether they were experienced bodyboarders or not. And after much trial and error a novel hull design was created, which added tremendous stability, increased safety, greater speed and enhanced maneuverability to the sport of bodyboarding. After piecing together several type foam gadgets, all closely resembling bodyboards, one design in particular stood out among all the rest and performed brilliantly on the waves. And thus, on that day, the Wave Skater Bodyboard was born. And with the hiring of the legendary Tom Morey, and under his technical expertise, the Wave Skater Bodyboard became a reality.

The most important element of our boards are their durability. If used as intended, they will last a lifetime and will never delaminate, heat bubble or water log. Our proprietary one-piece construction is incredibly durable, semi-rigid, foam molded, using custom made, CNC steel molds – one at a time – to insure the utmost in quality control.

You won’t find a tougher, more durable, virtually indestructible foam bodyboard anywhere else in the world. We also incorporated into our patented design, superior rider-friendly ergonomics, both on the deck and on the hull of each and every board we lovingly produce. Scooped out stomach cavities, raised handrails, concave arm wells and our revolutionary pontoon hull and double fiberglass composite fused stringers all contribute to offering the safest, most maneuverable, most thrilling ride you can have.

As the years progressed, slight modifications in design, shape, weight and materials kept the Wave Skater Bodyboard, state-of-the-art, and as we like to say, “Fully Evolved!” We will never stop innovating and we will never stop improving our bodyboards; we can’t and won’t because we love this sport way too much!

Since we started producing our boards in late 2006, we’ve never had even a single board ever returned to us for any manufacturing defect whatsoever and we intend to keep it that way! So if you or your shop, resort, or water-park wants the most reliable, proven, safest, most rider-friendly and most durable bodyboard out on the market today, look no further than Wave Skater Bodyboards.

“A friend of mine, and designer of what would become the wave skater line of bodyboards, came to me with his new bodyboard design. I liked his basic strategy; improve the tracking of the board so that you don’t have to bank it so much to ‘hold an edge, and to make it a lot easier to hold onto when the going gets rough.

We worked together on his pre-existing patent pending twin tapered pontoon design and on getting the manufacturing process of this new kind of board right. He calls it a “WaveSkater,” I like the results. Like how it feels under me. It’s easy to turn and handle, fast enough and stable in soup, easy for a novice to steer.

The one I own is blue and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s sort of like surfing a fast blue cloud. And these boards are something I’d be happy to give as gifts to members of my family and friends.”

 R.I.P. Tom Morey, Bodyboarding Legend