Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards for 2016
New Lineup Available in January!


Wave Skater Pro bodyboards September 2015 Surf Expo


42" x 22 1/2" x 2 1/2" for riders weighing between 85-185+ lbs

45" x 22  1/2" x 2 1/2" for riders weighing between 175-235+ lbs

48" x 23" x 2 1/2" for riders weighing between 200-275+ lbs.


Our superior durabilityone-piece construction and virtually indestructible foam makes our Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards the perfect choice to build your shop's, resort's, or surf camp's rental fleet.

When it comes to ultra-durability and virtual indestructibility in a bodyboard, our one piece, compression molded, EVA/PE foam Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards are, quite simply, without comparison.

Our Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards will take an extraordinary amount of pounding without suffering any ill effects or loss of performance.

Our revolutionary one-piece compression molding process produces a much denser, more heat stable, and much stronger molecularly bonded, closed-cell foam bodyboard that is impervious to water and to excessive heat.

In addition, our molds impart a fully textured imprint to the entire outer surface of our bodyboards, resulting in a "skin" as tough as a "Shark's." And this same textured surface, as it appears on the hulls of all of our bodyboards, traps thousands of tiny air bubbles, resulting in increased lift and extraordinary speed on the waves.

Our patented, dual tapered pontoons, ergonomic hand rails and arm and stomach cavities make turning and maneuvering in virtually any ocean wave condition a breeze, even for the novice, while still giving even very accomplished or even pro caliber riders all the advanced riding possibilities that they desire.

As a result of our now legendary durability, long lasting toughness, super rider-friendly and exhilarating performance, hundreds of surf shops, sporting goods stores, resorts, surf camps, and rental businesses have made our Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards their "Go to" bodyboard of choice.

So what are you waiting for?

Super strong, super durable, super-fast & super fun!


Suitable for all rider levels; from novice to Pro •  Solid, one-piece, EVA/PE seamless construction • Revolutionary stomach cavity, hand & arm railings & arm wells • Patented and radical dual pontoons for incredible control, & lift • Fully textured surfaces for comfort, traction & control • Supports multiple riding styles, including prone, drop-knee, & standup.


Our patented Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards are fabricated using custom made, CNC steel molds - one at a time - to insure the utmost in quality control. Because of our unique design, our choice of high grade materials, and our actual physical bodyboard dimensions, we do not need stringers in order to add extra stability to our bodyboards, nor do we need to heat laminate any pieces together. Our legendary one piece construction is incredibly durable, semi-rigid, and will take an extraordinary amount of pounding without ever delaminating or breaking apart, period. We've never had a single bodyboard returned to us for these reasons and we don't ever intend to start.* And that's precisely why hundreds of surf shops have turned to us for providing them with their bodyboard rental fleets; our bodyboards perform in the trenches and they last, like no others.

* In fact, we've never had a single Wave Skater® Pro bodyboard returned to us for any manufacturing or performance related defect, ever!